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Crime, Law, and Deviance

The purpose of the Section on Crime, Law, and Deviance is to foster the development of this aspect of sociology through the organized interchange of ideas and research results. The Crime, Law, and Deviance Section examines matters of sociological interest related to the study and understanding of juvenile or adult law-violating behavior and the organization and operation of law enforcement, judicial, and correctional processes.

Section Officers & Council


Chair: Karen F. Parker, University of Delaware 2019
Chair-Elect: Sara Wakefield, Rutgers University 2019
Past Chair: Ramiro Martinez, Jr., Northeastern University 2019
Section Secretary/Treasurer: Stacy De Coster, North Carolina State University 2019

Section Council

Holly Foster, Texas A&M University 2019
Jeremy Staff, The Pennsylvania State University 2019
Lisa Marie Broidy, University of New Mexico 2020
Sarah K.S. Shannon, University of Georgia 2020
Amada Armenta, UCLA 2021
Bianca E. Bersani, University of Massachusetts Boston 2021

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