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Many of society's most pressing problems -- teenage childbearing, juvenile delinquency, substance abuse, domestic violence, child and elder abuse, divorce -- are related to or rooted in the family. The Section on Family was founded to provide a home for sociologists who are interested in exploring these issues in greater depth.

Section Officers & Council


Chair: Sharon L. Sassler, Cornell University 2019
Chair-Elect: Kelly Raley, University of Texas, Austin 2019
Past Chair: Philip N. Cohen, University of Maryland 2019
Section Secretary/Treasurer: Sarah Damaske, Pennsylvania State University 2021
Student Representative: Joanna Pepin, University of Maryland 2019
Student Representative: Kara Leiko Takasaki, University of Texas at Austin 2020

Section Council

Claudia Geist, University of Utah 2019
Judith A. Levine, Temple University 2019
Robert Crosnoe, University of Texas at Austin 2020
Kei Nomaguchi, Bowling Green State University 2020
Fenaba Addo, University of Wisconsin-Madison 2021
Jessica Halliday Hardie, Hunter College, CUNY 2021

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