American Sociological Association

Peace, War, and Social Conflict

The purpose of the Section on Peace and War is to encourage the application of sociological methods, theories, and perspectives to the study of peace and war.

Section Officers & Council


Chair: Amy Kate Bailey, University of Illinois at Chicago 2019
Chair-Elect: Steven Carlton-Ford, University of Cincinnati 2019
Past Chair: Alair MacLean, Washington State University Vancouver 2019
Section Secretary/Treasurer: Scott D. Landes, Syracuse University 2021
Student Representative: Marian Azab, UNM Department of Sociology and Criminology 2019

Section Council

David Cunningham, Washington University in St. Louis 2019
Brenda L. Moore, University at Buffalo-SUNY 2019
Eitan Y. Alimi, The Hebrew University 2020
Selina R. Gallo-Cruz, College of the Holy Cross 2020
Michelle I. Gawerc, Loyola University Maryland 2021
Lisa Hajjar, University of California - Santa Barbara 2021

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